Where you can find my sculptures and when!

This year I will be rejoining the Hoveton Hall sculpture trail, ‘Engage With Sculpture’, which will begin on the 1st July and continue through the summer until the 30th September.

I will also be taking part in the Waveney Valley sculpture trail (this lasts from the 2nd August to the 8th September) and look forward to sharing very different installations at both.


At the Waveney trail in Raveningham, I will be installing a series of pieces encouraging empathy. Like all my current work, I enjoy creating a moment that I’d not necessarily be fortunate enough to see in day-to-day life and aim for them to kick start the audiences imagination.

I intend for all of my work to represent individuals and this will carry through to the exotic sculpture I have planned as my main piece for the Hoveton Hall trail.

Both events are very different, with very varied groups of artists again using very different mediums. The grounds of both sites are used differently so I’d advise visiting both if you have the option to as they are incomparable!