Welcome, WELBECK

The legacy of Welbeck, an ex-police horse retired to Redwings in 1990.


In late July, I discussed with Redwings a potential design. This was honed down into the exact pose and breed after I had presented images to match. I was thrilled when we immediately agreed on what we would like to achieve and which emotions we’d like to evoke in those who meet Welbeck’s sculpture.

We decided on a completely relaxed pose, as if Welbeck is taking a break from grazing to give a welcoming glance. His eyes calm and his face soft.

This effect was important to me for both the overall purpose of this sculpture and for my expectations of the legacy of such a wonderful horse. Anyone that has spent time with animals knows they’re individuals with large characters and losing them is always hard.

In 2011 my family and I made the decision to have our pony - Teddy (I know, I know, it was short for Theodore!) - put to sleep, due to a long ongoing battle with Laminitis as we couldn’t find him any long term relief or assure any quality of life. We’re currently very lucky to still have 5 others, ranging from 8 - 25+ years.

It’s with them all in mind that working with Redwings to offer a purposeful space to remember these animals, horses or otherwise, is so important to me. I hope visitors can recognise their previous animal-friends in this sculpture and reflect on them peacfully, maybe envisaging them along side Welbeck - I know I will be!


For any further information regarding Welbeck, the process or commissions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Many thanks to Matt East for transporting Welbeck for installation and for your ever professional service