Stags, Pubs and Miniature Mounts

Deer Folk

My lifesize Cheetah is currently on pause while I build up a series for the upcoming festive period (too soon?).

My main sculpture for this is ‘STAG’, a near - lifesize mounted Stag head, who looks gorgeous with decoration (and without!) - I’ll be showing him off and adorning him with alternative colour schemes for festive inspiration.

Along side the Stag will be my Miniature Deer Folk, I’m in love with these little pieces as much as the larger sizes - They will be on the website and for sale soon. Upcoming events will see us at The Forum in Norwich just before Christmas so all my available pieces will be there for in-person viewing! (Event specifics will be announced closer to the time.)

Further adventures for Deerdre will include being displayed (next month) at The Fur And Feather Inn, where she will be a joining a secret sculpture I’ve had hidden.. An Eagle! I began this piece over a year ago, including different metals within the frame and leaving it to weather, causing some beautiful rusty claws to suit the menacing position of a hunting bird of prey.

‘Trojan’ and ‘Young Lab’ have been delivered to their new homes following the successful Hoveton Hall sculpture trail, leaving me with as many sold sculptures as for sale! So much time has gone into my new love of larger pieces that I haven’t had the chance to capture and present my recent pieces, but means I will have a full and refreshed page of available sculptures in the near future.

Edit: Very excited to say ‘Rachael The Raffe’ has been selected for the Laura I. Gallery exhibition, “I Am A Woman And This Is My Legacy”, she will be on display with 55 other artists during October!