Sculpture Uncovered

Hoveton Hall's sculpture trail officially opens July 1st and will be open until the end of August.


    Deerdre was in her early stages of development when I contacted their trail organiser, apprehensive that I could convince them to exhibit her without knowing what she would look like when complete - I also wasn't sure I could even finish her in the time frame. 

But I did! Yesterday in fact, 10 hours before she was due for installation which left me with enough time to sleep and eat my weight in pasta. Deerdre, along with 5 other of my pieces are now scattered across Hoveton Hall Gardens in time for their Azaleas to bloom.

I had a brilliant time putting approximately 300 hours into one piece, frustrating at times but SO rewarding to see her placed in such grand surroundings, I couldn't have asked for a better opportunity to show her off.

So here she is, finally ready for your viewing pleasure!