Norwich Castle Craft Fair

Tomorrow is our first FAIR!

Opens at 10am and admission to the craft fair is FREE

Norwich Castle isn’t too shabby an abode either, Deerdre is having a weekend away from the Fur And Feather for the sheer excitement of the event. Joining her will be Sigvard, Raffe and a whole host of copper additions I’ve been working on - my favourite is a battle between these Dinky-Deer and the single-line giraffes. I never realised how much I should have minimalist copper giraffes on my wall.

Anyway! I will be alongside lots of talented crafts people, personally I’ll be looking out for the pottery (but trying to resist taking it home).

My copper decorations will ALL be priced at 5 for 4 to help fill up your Christmas trees so come and see us all in the Rotunda!