UNA Norwich Exhibition

How exciting! CA Sculpture's first exhibition has commenced today at the Norwich Shoe Factory.
Norwich Exhibition

Having discovered the open exhibition opportunity only a few weeks before it was due open to the public, it was somewhat of a rush to decide who was going to make the cut and how they were going to be presented.

I went with framing in elaborate gold with a white wooden box backing so they can be hung in the usual fashion, or removed from the frames for closer inspection. "Herbert" Hare and Human Skull have their own platforms so that viewers can see them from all angles. As this has been my first ever exhibition I was a little hesitant about the design choices I'd made for optimum display, but am pleased with how they look together and among other varied artworks. 

Giraffe has sold (yipee!), however I'm learning I may have to stop naming them. My personification of "Wilfred" Wolf and Trojan is making me reluctant of their sales. So, for sale to loving homes only!