A metaphysical sculpture


Great thanks to my wonderful client, who gave me generous scope to design and achieve them this piece for their home interior.

Begun as rough sketches to allow discussion over the general idea, 3 weeks later and we’re 1 day post- installation.

The rough sketches evolved into the ‘stick figure’ of a wolf using 1.6mm steel wire. Continuing to use this gauge I build the main muscles groups, particularly focusing on the high shoulder blades and giving myself approximate positions for the head, joints and paws.

Once the structure is solid enough, 1.2mm steel wire is used to establish the overall body and to add further strength. As there is no internal structure, the density of the woven material is what provides the solidity to this sculpture.

The final stages (prior to installation) used 0.9mm to define and add features, such as: ears, brow bones, paw digits and ‘mane’ spines.

Upon installation, a seamless mount was key to reaching the intention of this design and so included roughly 4 hours to obtain this.

This wolf eyes you up when entering the space, while slinking toward the opposite exit alluding to the permeability of the interior structure. Together with his gaze, the viewer can be left feeling fortunate for his characters presence, yet insignificant.